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Beautiful things don’t ask for attention….

My milk goes bad on April 15th

Feelings of grief, the rug is no longer underneath, I close… I close my eyes for a little relief, only brief, tears swell, a wishing well, I wish you were here, as I wipe away a single tear, I can hear you here, and I can hear you there, then I hear life is not fair, and you.. I should not live in fear, I know an angel by name, but is it the same, am i the same, since you last called my name, my milk goes bad on April 15th.

Happy birthday

Things do happen

As a child things happened to us, good things happened to us. As an adult we try to make things happen and the only things that happen to us are not the good things.

Dreams of success

I feel most ambitious right before I go to sleep, then I wake up.